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Welcome to Cloud Candidate, your premier destination for outsourcing services based in Asia and Eastern Europe.

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The best talent isn't

always on your doorstep.

Experience the benefits of outsourcing with us and unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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Top talent from across Philippines and Asia

Access the best talent

We at Cloud Candidate understand how to achieve growth for our partners.

We have hundreds of qualified technical candidates on our books, looking for the perfect employer.


You decide a match

Qualified clients put our candidates through their own recruitment process, ensuring they meet all the desired criteria.

Our candidates typically offer superior technical proficiency at a lower cost compared to local alternatives.


Managed payroll

Cloud Candidate has payroll partners in each country we source from.

This means all employees follow local HR and tax laws compliantly.


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Key verticals

we serve

Discover the breadth of our expertise as we cater to a diverse range of industries. From innovative startups to established enterprises. Explore how our dedicated team can empower your organization to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Elevate your web development projects with our handpicked talent pool. Our skilled developers specialize in crafting cutting-edge solutions tailored to your business goals.

Unlock the potential of mobile development with our expertly curated talent pool. From iOS to Android, we match top-tier developers to your project needs.

Transform user experiences with our UX/UI design experts. Our talented designers create visually stunning and intuitive interfaces to elevate your digital presence.

Elevate your product quality with our meticulous QA professionals. From manual testing to automation, we ensure your software meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Amplify your digital presence with our expert digital marketing specialists. From SEO to social media, we tailor strategies to attract top talent to your tech team.

Drive efficiency and scalability with our seasoned DevOps engineers. Harnessing the latest tools and methodologies, they optimize your development pipeline for seamless delivery.

Seamlessly integrate your systems with our skilled professionals. Our team ensures smooth interoperability across your technology stack, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Unlock the full potential of cloud services with our expert integration specialists. From migration to optimization, we streamline your cloud infrastructure for enhanced scalability and performance.

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Seamless global hiring

made simple & fast

Discover the advantages of partnering with our Employer of Record (EOR) services for your outsourcing needs.

Our solution simplifies the hiring process by managing payroll, taxes, and compliance with local regulations, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Forward-thinking talent acquisition solutions

Our unique approach combines the sophistication of executive

search, with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing.

Access difficult-to-reach candidates at the top of their game

Gain the professionalism, trust and confidentiality only an outside trusted advisor can provide

Ensure objectivity based on the experience of many searches across industries, markets and roles

Find and attract diverse candidates with highly marketable skills

Leverage deep industry, market and functional expertise

Assess candidates to identify the right talent

Plan for succession, assessing internal talent and mapping the external marketplace

Reduce the risk of the wrong hire

Productivity Management

Productivity management is the cornerstone of efficiency and success in any organization.

By effectively managing productivity, we help streamline operations, optimize resources, and maximize output. This leads to cost savings and increased profitability. Ultimately, investing in productivity management not only improves organizational performance but also cultivates a dynamic and salient workforce capable of adapting to changing demands and driving sustainable growth.

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At Cloud Candidate, we prioritize employee engagement through regular meet-ups, enticing incentives, and performance-based bonuses.

These initiatives foster a motivated workforce that is dedicated to exceeding client expectations. By valuing and empowering our employees, we ensure exceptional service and outcomes for our customers.

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and infrastructure

At Cloud Candidate, we offer customizable solutions to fit your needs. Whether you prefer office-based or remote work, we've got you covered.

Our team seamlessly adapts to your requirements, ensuring productivity and efficiency every step of the way. Trust us to provide the perfect outsourcing solution for your business.

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What our clients say...

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“We have used Cloud Candidate for a range of digital positions within our business. The process has been seamless, and I am very happy with the level of service ”

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Adam Passfield


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“We have used Cloud Candidate to hire a member of our team based abroad. The process, payroll and communication has been excellent. Would certainly recommend to any potential business.”

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Craig Bines

Career Wallet

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“Cloud Candidate have assisted us in finding the best talent to help development of our software. They certainly have deep expertise within search and selection.”

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James Nicholson

TOWA technologies