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We make the process seamless from candidate selection to payroll.

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Ensure you get the best

One of the biggest challenges with outsourcing is ensuring comparable or superior quality to what's available in the local market.

Too often, the caliber of outsourced staff is average. At Cloud Candidate, we don't settle for average. We subject all our candidates to rigorous technical tests and employer reference checks, giving us the confidence that you'll receive the best available talent for your role.

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Step 1:

Take the first step with us

The first step is to brief us on your requirement. We approach and qualify a range of technical candidates across multiple core markets. We source the best from the Asia and Philippines.

Every candidate goes through a vigorous technical testing process, ensuring they have the highest level of technical competency. The candidates who have the highest technical competency are followed up by a reference checking process, ensuring the candidates previous work history is of the highest standard.

Step 2:

You interview candidates

  • Once we have presented candidates you have an interest in, it’s time to schedule an interview.
  • You can put the candidates through your own interview process, technical test and ensure you’re confident in suitability prior to taking them on.
  • Most of our candidates have a one-month notice period, so typically they will join one month from the offer.
  • We offer fully remote / work from home options, as well as a fully staffed office solution (depending on the candidate’s location).
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Service Step 3

Step 3:

Manage, onboard & payroll

Once the candidate joins, they will be a full member of your team. The candidate will work the same hours as your existing team and report directly to you.

We do actively keep track on the performance of our candidates, which is done by a dedicated account manager. We handle all HR issues, as well as well as payroll and tax compliance in each candidate jurisdiction. This gives you one point of contact and one point of payroll your offshore team. Easy!


Local understanding & international experience

We have worked with clients all over the world & sourced from multiple markets. We handle payroll & comply with all local laws and regulations.