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Cloud Candidate combines executive search with best in class outsourcing processes to find the best technology talent the world has to offer.

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The best talent isn’t on your doorstep. Having 10 years within recruitment and executive search, we specialize in sourcing candidates from all corners of the world.

In the modern world candidates can work from anywhere allowing employers to widen the talent pool, lower their costs and scale more effectively. Our clients typically want access to readily available technical talent at a reasonable price. That’s what we provide.

Craig Stuart

Head of Business Development

We do things in a smarter way

Cloud Candidate isn’t your typical outsourcing or recruitment company. We combined best in class executive search and screening methodologies with world class account management, compliance, and outsourcing.

Cloud Candidate is designed to offer win – win solutions to employers and candidates alike. We represent the best technical talent, giving them access to higher paid roles and cutting-edge tech companies.

We give companies access to prescreened technical talent from a global talent pool easily, abiding by local laws and compliance with a name you can trust.

Every candidate is technically tested, reference checked and thoroughly screened before we represent them. We only represent the top candidates who come through our screening process which works out about 1 in 30 candidates who we approach.

The Cloud Candidate value


Achieve & succeed

Take the leap, get to the top of your game and be the best you can be in your market.


Optimism & determination

Be positive, back yourself, trust in your ability.


Honest & Transparency

Earn trust with honesty, be frank, firm, and transparent.


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global workforce

With 10 years within executive search & international recruitment we understand how to find and qualify the best talent available.

Having relocated people from all over the world we apply the same search methods and rigorous qualification processes the only difference is the candidate will work from their country of origin. Clients get a competitive advantage by opening talent pools previously not accessible.